BIZZARRINI 5300 America - 1967


The BA4 model is the Bizzarrini 5300 America, it was built as the homologation car for the compétition modèl with 4 independants suspensions and fiberglass body.


1967, This car was sold new to Italy to Palermo Salvatore Fiarrazzi , then was offer for sale in 1968/69 by Foreign car in Napoli to Bill Reid, USA The car was then sold to England to Daniel Maddock in 1973 , Later the car was sold Corsica in France to Mr Renault who advertise it in à French magazine in 2015.

The car was in need of full restoration, the car was then sold to a important collector in Belgium who send it to Salvatore Diomante for restoration.

The condition of the body was very good for his age, and the car was restore from the nude  chassis.

The engine have been rebuilt by a race shop and delivery 440 cv


The 5300 America BA4 is very rare and was produce in less than 10 exemples.


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